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ALT to play Summer Festivals, Hard Working Americans dates

Summer is well under way and ALT will be making several festival stops in July and August as well as supporting Hard Working Americans in August. Aug 16 Dallas TX w/ Hard Working Americans

Aug 17 Austin TX w/ Hard Working Americans

Aug 18 Fayetteville AR w/ Hard Working Americans

July 22 Springfield IL Downtown Bacon Showdown Festival w/ Nikki Lane and more


July 30 Macon GA Bragg Jam


August 5 & 6 Appleton WI Mile of Music


August 28 Athens GA Wildwood Revival


Rolling Stone Sings ALT's Praises And Premiers Florida Man

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.05.01 AM "Looking for moments of dark humor amongst the genius — that's Tasjan at his core,"-says Rolling Stone about ALT's song Florida Man off his debut album, In The Blazes. Read the whole thing by clicking HERE.

Interview with Waxoholics

I just did an interview with Waxoholics...we covered all my favorite stuff like albums and songs and Kevn Kinney and JP Olsen. `Thanks to Dead Weather Denver for some great questions.  Click HERE to read all about it. Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.17.23 AM

The Listening Room...

These are records I found myself listening to/enjoying the most that were released over the course of this year.  Here's to 2012... 220px-Die_antwoord_SOS_cover$O$ by Die Antwoord is an incredibly interesting recording top to bottom. These are guys are also the most visually intriguing band I encountered this year. My heartfelt apologies to Lady Gaga.

Divine-Fits1A Thing Called Divine Fits by Divine Fits was my favorite "indie rock" type release this year.  I've long been a huge fan of the great Columbus, OH drummer Sam Brown and though this recording may not give the listener a true impression of how good he is, it does show that so far as musicality in the world of drumming is concerned, Sam Brown has to be near the top of that list these days.  Excellent songs and really fun guitar playing to boot.

Comfest 2010Righteous Buck & The Skull Scorchers is actually a record that came out in 2010.  But I just got hip to it this year.  It's from the band's Comfest (a great music and arts festival in Goodale Park in Columbus, OH) set and it's absolutely smoking.  You can get it at

SHOVELS_AND_ROPE-resizedO' Be Joyful by Shovels and Rope is a beautiful record. The song "Birmingham" has some truly great lines in it.  "Making something out of nothing with a scratcher and our hope," is one that comes to mind.  Michael and Cary Ann have a way of simplifying things to get to the heart of a song.  This record is full of text-book representations of what a song needs to be to reach you...simple and great.

61U5N8b6snL._SL500_AA300_Songs about Cars, Space and The Ramones by Drivin' N' Cryin' has the best pop/rock song I've heard this year on it.  The tune "Hot Wheels" is really tremendous.  Am I biased?  Probably.  Do I care?  Absolutely not.  I dare you to find a better straight ahead pop/rock tune that came out this year.  Just gorgeously jangly and always appropriately nostalgic.  Features my favorite rock guitarist discovery this year, the great, Sadler Vaden.

Shit SandwichShit Sandwich by Elmo Buzz & The Eastside Bulldogs.  My favorite rock'n'roll record of the year.  You really can't go wrong with a band that includes both Bobby Keys and Todd Snider.  "37206" is my favorite tune on the record, clocking in at a whopping 1:56.  If you're looking for the real deal, this is it.  Brilliantly under played (but also perhaps not) and filled with great Snider one liners like "Hey pretty boy, go back to Franklin, nobody here wants to talk about publishing," these songs are a great glimpse into life on the true East Side of Nashville, TN and will do wonders to affirm any sort of paranoia you may have about the ways of the world at large.

There you have it folks.  May your 2013 be merry and bright.  May you find the guts to say it all and the wisdom to know when.

Love, ALT

This just in for June/July 2012!

I'm joining Old Hundred and Shovels and Rope at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, OH on June 2nd.  There will be a few other solo gigs as well so stay tuned!  We've left the Vanity Theft tour a bit earlier than planned and will not be playing any dates for that tour from this day forward.  Please go support them anyways though, they're lovely people! At the end of June, I'll be playing the Governors Island Ball with Alberta Cross.  Then, it's a short romp through Ohio and Pennsyl-tucky with Todd Snider and Rosi Golan.  Enjoy the picture of me, Todd and Keith Christopher jamming at Banjo Jim's...note my super cool head band.

In more July-ish news, I will be supporting Alberta Cross and Everest on most of their July 2012 tour dates as well as playing guitar with Alberta Cross.  Dates will be posted soon on the shows page.  Can't wait to see you...or sea you...or "c" you.