the kills


733819_870401626209_938267732_nGreetings from back in cold and grey New York City.  Texas was a hoot from start to finish.  Rolled into Austin airport at 11:30am after catching a 7am winger from DC...went straight to the first gig at J Blacks...John Jackson sat in on Mandolin on Santa Monica and a great review of the show from Kristen Blanton at  You can read it by clicking here. Then it was off to BD Reily's for BP Fallon gig #1. It was such a treat to have the great Barrie Cadogan of Little Barrie and Primal Scream join us for some top notch twanging.  I've always been a fan but I can now say first hand that he is the real deal.  Scott Asheton from the Stooges joined in on double drums with our own Clem Burke and we were off to the races.  From there, I hit the Shriner's Saloon with BP and company before it was off to the Austin Ale House where I was doing a set opposite a great Texas singer/songwriter, Johnny Burke. Saturday started not a minute too soon at 1pm at The Whip was a great day of music curated by one of my favorite songwriters, Matt The Electrician and featured yours truly, Tim Easton and Megan Palmer, Freedy Johnston, Steve Poltz and The Rugburns and many more.  It was a blast...I even played a wee bit o' the drums for Easton's set.  Played later that night with BP again at The Dirty Dog bar.  After which we ran into our old friends Alison Mosshart and Lizzy Jagger and the band Turbogeist...after Lizzy cooked us all a meal that couldn't be beat, as Arlo would say, she presented me with her elephant onesie and things finally got back to normal as you can see below...


The next few days in Austin were filled with a great session at Red Horse Ranch Studios featuring BP Fallon, Arum Rae, Clem Burke, Nigel Harrison and Scott Asheton.  Josh Cornell and myself helmed the controls and we recorded two brand new Bandits tracks.  Then it was off to see Steve Poltz and I even managed a writing session with the great Bonnie Whitmore...wish I could remember what we made up though I'm sure it was great!

In the mean while, I'm up for The Deli Magazine Sandwich Artist Of The can vote for me by clicking here and if I win everyone will get a turkey and swiss on a roll...though I'm honored to be nominated I'm voting for The Harmonica Lewinski's to win based on the name alone.

Ok kids, that's all for now.  See you in April when I'll be touring playing guitar for Sylvain Sylvain whose opening for Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols.  See the dates on the "Shows" page now. Love, ALT