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March to your own beat...South By So What...

Greetings from Delaware...the fields of New Castle are waving between the blue rocks just across the street from the Charcoal Pit today...all is as it should be.  An exciting month of March lay ahead.  In a stunning turn of events I'm playing the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC on the 14th of March for the ASCAP Foundation.  You can read all about it by clicking here. The evening is hosted by Mountain Stage's Larry Groce who will also interview me for all my top secrets about how to write songs to play at Rockwood Music Hall. I'm very honored to be playing though I'll probably get banned from future performances there for use of profanity and spitting in front of women and children so this may be your only chance to catch me there... South By Southwest 2013 will prove to be the year of The Bandit.  BP Fallon & The Bandits of which I'm a proud member, co-songwriter and co-producer will playing up a storm and I'll do a solo gig or two as well including a great one Saturday at The Whip In with Matt The Electrician, Tim Easton, Bonnie Whitmore and Colin Gilmore all on the bill as well.  Check out the shows page for the skinny on all of it.

The new MSGrs record is EP along nicely, as is my new full length.  Very excited for both.  Ok, I'm going to go work on the usual: professional counseling for Olympic divers with fears of falling from high locations. Remember: fun is to be had by those who've earned it through breaking the rules and never letting their school work get in the way of learning something.

Love, ALT