For Sandy

I'm playing a benefit tonight at The Bowery Electric at 327 Bowery New York, NY.  There is a really great lineup and we could all use your support to help those who were affected by the recent hurricane.  Hope to see you there.  Here is the lineup with times: Kevin Mcwha Steele  8:00pm Daniel Chavez 8:15pm Rene & Nick 8:30pm Kev'n Kinney 8:45pm Willie Nile 9:00pm James Maddock 9:15pm Steve Earle 9:30pm Jesse Malin 9:45pm Aaron Lee Tasjan 10pm Lenny Kaye 10:15pm Matt Pinfield - 10:25 The Indecent 10:35pm Romans - 10:45pm BAD BRAINS TRIBUTE 11pm

New tour dates added in Canada, Vermont and New York!

September 1st Electric Picnic Festival Stradbally Village, IE. On stage 6:30pm. ALT and BP Fallon perform songs from their soon to be released album, Still Legal. September 6th El Mocambo Toronto, ON. On stage 8pm. Supporting Alberta Cross.

September 8th Club Lambi Montreal, QC. On stage TBA. Supporting Alberta Cross.

September 10th Higher Ground Burlington, VT. On stage 8pm. Supporting Alberta Cross.

September 14th Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 New York, NY. On stage 10pm.


Streets Of Galilee featured on Pat Green's new album!

My song Streets of Galilee was featured on Texas Country superstar Pat Green's latest release, Songs We Wish We'd Written 2. It's done as duet between Pat and myself and I also play acoustic guitar on the track. Listen here:

Samurai Momma And A Parade Of Dreams

It's another lovely day in Brooklyn, NY and tonight I'm playing Union Hall in Park Slope with a really great lineup of talented folks...I'll go on at 8:30pm. I returned to Brooklyn two days ago from a 5 week run with Everest and Alberta Cross.  We had so much fun together and I know there will be a lot more fun to be had down the road.

On many a night, the fellas in Everest joined me on stage for a few tunes and it made for quite the musical adventure...the fellas in Everest are very psychedelic and voice their music as such during their sets.  Russ Pollard is an outstanding singer and songwriter.  Very direct and from the gut.  Jason and Joel hold down the twin lead guitar lines and play off each other acutely.  Jason's approach is articulated thoughtfully.  I never saw him play a wrong note or put a phrase out of place.  Joel is born of something wilder and possesses an ability to create quite an array of sounds on his guitar.  He leaps out at you with waves of notes passed through angular fuzz boxes, spacey delays and reverbs.  Ely on the he pounds out line after line, he's thumping away like if Bootsy Collins were playing the bass in Dinosaur Jr.  And by the way, they all sing their asses off.  This time on the drums they had the impeccable Kyle Crane.  Kyle's drumming reminded me at times of the great Mark Gulliana...he seemed to have complete control over what he was doing and drove the extended jams in the set with prowess.

Our Alberta sets grew into something quite special over the course of the tour.  San Fransisco and Vancouver are definitely two shows that stood out to me...I think that Petter is really developing a band.  You play so many gigs with songwriters or bands who are focused on these really minute, and at times boarder line insignificant details and because of this they never reach heights with the music greater than whatever is in their own minds.  Petter is letting us play, letting us try out ideas, changing around the forms of the songs spontaneously and we're doing these things with him and around him.  It's exciting to play with a band again.  I'm looking forward to our upcoming European and Canadian tour dates.

I'm working on some new will be just me, vocal and guitar but I will mic the guitar as well as play it through two different amps with different series of effects on each which I will then weave in and out of each song trying to use each sound almost as an's an idea I've developed as I've been playing my acoustic shows over the course of this past year and I'm very interested to see what happens with it in a studio environment.  The other recording I'll wait to tell you about, but it will be very exciting to see what happens with that one as well.

Many, many thanks to all of you who came to our shows these past 5 weeks.  I hope to see you all very, very soon with some new music and a clean pair of socks.  All the world's a page, ALT.

This just in for June/July 2012!

I'm joining Old Hundred and Shovels and Rope at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, OH on June 2nd.  There will be a few other solo gigs as well so stay tuned!  We've left the Vanity Theft tour a bit earlier than planned and will not be playing any dates for that tour from this day forward.  Please go support them anyways though, they're lovely people! At the end of June, I'll be playing the Governors Island Ball with Alberta Cross.  Then, it's a short romp through Ohio and Pennsyl-tucky with Todd Snider and Rosi Golan.  Enjoy the picture of me, Todd and Keith Christopher jamming at Banjo Jim's...note my super cool head band.

In more July-ish news, I will be supporting Alberta Cross and Everest on most of their July 2012 tour dates as well as playing guitar with Alberta Cross.  Dates will be posted soon on the shows page.  Can't wait to see you...or sea you...or "c" you.

Not Punk

Not Punk-A poem by Aaron Lee Tasjan Somewhere between smokin' Joe Strummer and a man who changed his name from Gordon Sumner is what we have come to know as "not punk." First, the real punk: Lenny Kaye's Nuggets. Built from the underground it was a collection of the largely ignored at the time. American bands grasping the American dream as it carefully eluded them. 96 tear drops are shed on the turntable as the record goes around again and here we are today still listening.

Someone says, "Dude, that is so not punk," as Blink-182 stumbles around gacked up on hair dye and long shorts. Mean while Iggy sits with Tom Waits and smokes another ciggy.

As I sit in an arm chair in Peru, David Johansen explains to a reporter that his band "did not invent punk." He resembles Dylan at his press conferences in the 60s...he is articulate and bewildering. Flights of high octane guitar soar through the hotel lobby as God Save The Queen comes out of the radio. There is Steve Jones...perhaps punk's very own John Wayne. Perhaps the pawn shop receipt for Bowie's stolen gear should have been signed, "Marion Robert Morrison."

And now, the shape of punk to come! And it's out there...waiting. In the mean time, I can't trade in my guitar at the pawn shop for a trust fund lap top and a pitchfork review. But why would I want to? That shit is so not punk.