This just in for June/July 2012!

I'm joining Old Hundred and Shovels and Rope at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus, OH on June 2nd.  There will be a few other solo gigs as well so stay tuned!  We've left the Vanity Theft tour a bit earlier than planned and will not be playing any dates for that tour from this day forward.  Please go support them anyways though, they're lovely people! At the end of June, I'll be playing the Governors Island Ball with Alberta Cross.  Then, it's a short romp through Ohio and Pennsyl-tucky with Todd Snider and Rosi Golan.  Enjoy the picture of me, Todd and Keith Christopher jamming at Banjo Jim's...note my super cool head band.

In more July-ish news, I will be supporting Alberta Cross and Everest on most of their July 2012 tour dates as well as playing guitar with Alberta Cross.  Dates will be posted soon on the shows page.  Can't wait to see you...or sea you...or "c" you.