Our good friends over at Daytrotter have just released a new set of recordings featuring both released and unreleased songs from the new EP Crooked River Burning (out March 25th on Rockwood Music Hall Recordings) and elsewhere. Click HERE to listen to the brand new recordings. 21020536-37385410

Trotting along....

Proud to announce the release of a double header Daytrotter session from my dear friend Tim Easton and the best band I've ever played in, The Madison Square Gardeners.  The first two songs are Tim's off of his Beat The Band record which I played on and co-produced.  The third one is the Gardeners full tilt with Tim guesting on guitar. The last cut is just me on my lonesome.  Check it out here:!/concert/tim-easton-and-the-madison-square-gardeners/20056176-3738553