May 7th

Chattanooga Shoe Chew...And So Much Less...

321303_3080404465115_1471279546_nHello friends...greetings from Sunny Tennessee...Chattanooga, that is.  I'm out here playing guitar and singing with my friend Jonny Burke.  We're opening for one of America's great songwriters, James McMurtry and having a great time.  What might happen tonight?  Maybe we play the show...maybe we just go up there and dream...nobody really knows until we strike the first note. I'm playing with Anton Fier and Chris Morrissey at Rockwood Stage 2 on May 7th.  You can get tickets by clicking here. They are $10 and the great Mia Dyson is opening for us...the show will start at 7pm so come on down.

Gonna be a busy summer for me, with lot's of traveling...can't wait to see you again.  Got some shows in Texas, California and more coming the mean time, check out the album art for my new record, above.  Love, ALT