New Album 'Silver Tears' Announced + New Single "Little Movies" Premiering Now On NPR

Are you a dreamer? Do people often say things to you like, "You're still finding your thing" or "I'm pregnant?" Well, let me tell you, your troubles are only beginning. And to that end, how will you deal with all of this? I can tell you for a fact, a proven fact that science has proven, the answer is simple: folk rock music.

And no we're not talking about your parents' dated John Jacob Niles album. We're talking about the kind of guy whose dancing was once referred to as "Freedom" by Bono of the U2. It's a true story. Ask BP Fallon. So look, I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life or pretend to know secrets that will help you change for the better. But I can tell you this: Don't ruin a good apology with an explanation. No one wants to hear about why you're sorry. So when you get out into the world and figure out that you don't have all answers, feel free to tune into my record, Silver Tears, where I will tell you that I don't have them either BUT with a capo.


Listen to "Little Movies" now on NPR!
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