New tour dates added! (We're out of chicken wings)

Good morning!  It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Columbus, OH.  I had the BEST time ever last night with Shovels and Rope and Old Hundred at Rumba Cafe. Can I just say that Carry Ann and Michael sing like angels?  So, so good!  Thanks to the many of you who made it out to hear us.  We all really appreciate it.  My good buddy Tim Easton was also in town and made the scene for some late night Tom foolery after the show.  Tim's doing great and was telling me about how now that he lives in East Nashville, he texts like he's from the South to save time. I'm camped up here with my good buddy Mark Nye, who played bass with me in Autumn Under Echoes, and we're having fun watching a bunch of J.V. country music videos and then comparing them with the real deal aka Hayes you have his records? You should!

Chicago proved to be a lovely time indeed..Gregg (Sons Of The West) and I had a KILLER show at The Liars Club and I stayed in town one extra night to sing Streets Of Galilee with Pat Green at his Windy City show at Joe's Bar.  We had our favorite post show drink (several drinks) and I caught up with some of the fellas in the band.  It was a real hoot!

There's some new tour dates up now on the shows page! I'm spending the summer on the road with Everest and Alberta Cross two of my very favorite new bands! I'm playing early at these shows...sometimes as early as 7:30!!!! (who knew?!) I have posted the time at which I will strike my first note for your convenience...that way you can be standing in the club, one fist in the air, mouth open half singing what you THINK will be the first lyric of my first song right as I launch into that very choice nug and then we'll ride this f**kin' snake to Valhalla!!

Ok, I have to finish my laundry...see you tomorrow in Washington, DC at DC9 and then O'Brien's Pub in Allston, MA on Tuesday.  I'm supporting Greg Holden and Harper Blynn...get there early!!! :)